Sunday, 6 November 2011

Unit 10: My house

                                                     Different rooms in our house

                                                          Rooms in the home

                                                                Parts of the house

Activity: create a house plan

Once the rooms in the house have been taught the Ss can then look at the plan of a house below:

This is a standard plan of a house, it is not specific to each student. Now that the Ss know what a house plan is they can then take photographs of the rooms in their own homes. This allows the Ss to personalise their learning and they can also be creative.

The Ss can then bring their photographs to the classroom and use the pretaught vocabulary from the textbook 'This is my (room in a house)'. A few Ss can be selected to present their photographs to the other Ss; introduing the rooms using the earlier phrase i.e. 'This is my kitchen'.

The Ss are then given a sheet of A4/A3 paper and are asked to paste their pictures to create the floor plan of their own homes. If your Ss are able to draw lines, they can draw the boxes for each room.
Close Activity: Sing 'The House Song'

T shows the video below, 'The House Song'

Ss listen to it once, before singing along with the T

T introduces actions. Some action ideas include: Living room - relaxing with hands behind head, Bedroom - resting head on hands (sleeping action), Dining room - eating action, Bathroom - washing body action and kitchen - cooking/washing dishes

T/Ss sing-along with actions

Ss sing/do the actions
The house song

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