My new chapter in my teaching career

                 2011 is a new chapter in my teaching career because I have returned to my former school,SJK(C)Triang 2. Two of my colleagues were once my teachers, Miss Tan Nan Lian and Madam Fong Sit Fan. They are nice and friendly and a pleasure to work with.

                 At this school, I teach Year 3 Mathematics, Year 3 Music  and Year 1 KSSR English. I have taught many subjects before but this is the first time that I have ever  taught  English .Teaching English is a big challenge that I have had to face . I especially struggle with pronunciation . Fortunately , whenever I need guidance I am able to refer to the other English teachers to give me a helping hand. This year, I have been taking part in a new government initiative to improve classroom pedagogy. It is a teacher’s professional development course designed to improve my English, mentoring me in the classroom and providing me with useful  activity suggestions for the classroom such as games, songs. Etc.

 My lovely Year 1K students